Title VI 

Part B - Rural Education









To address the unique needs of rural school districts that frequently:


  1. Lack the personnel and resources needed to compete effectively for Federal competitive grants; and

  2. Receive formula grant allocations in amounts too small to be effective in meeting their intended purposes.


Use of Funds


  • Teacher recruitment and retention

  • Teacher professional development

  • Educational technology

  • Parental involvement activities

  • Activities authorized under Title IV- Part A Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities

  • Activities authorized under Title I- Part A Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies

  • Activities authorized under Title III - Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students


Allowable Expenses


  • Can be used for signing bonuses and other financial assistance

  • Programs that train teachers to utilize technology to improve teaching and to train special needs teachers

  • Software and hardware, as described in Section 2402 (a) of the Title II legislation

  • Activities and programs that prevent violence and the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs in and around schools

  • Activities authorized under Title I- Part A

  • Activities authorized under Title III- Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students.