With a commitment to excellence, the curriculum department serves and supports
the curriculum, instructional, data, and technical needs 
of the faculty, staff, and community of the Pearl River County School District.

Curriculum Coordinator & Professional Development Director

Kimberly Alford

*High Expectations for Academic Excellence*

The faculty and staff of Pearl River County School District are committed to excellence for each student. Student achievement levels are impacted as we work to assure our curriculum and resources address student needs. Our district's curriculum includes the competencies and objectives provided by the MS Department of Education in the curriculum frameworks. This curriculum structure is designed to respond to student needs and abilities while ensuring opportunities for academic excellence.


Dropout Prevention Plan

Contact Information

Kimberly Alford

telephone: 601.798.7744, ext. 1033

Pearl River County District Office
7441 Hwy 11
Carriere, MS 39426