A student who is not attired appropriately or exhibits grooming which is detrimental and/or causes a disruption to the educational environment shall be asked to refrain from wearing the inappropriate attire in the future and/or shall be required to make arrangements for more suitable or appropriate dress. The student will be placed in ISS (In School Suspension) until the student’s clothing meets district policy.

Restrictions on a student’s manner of dress or grooming will be determined: (a) where there is a clear and present danger to the student's health and safety; or (b) when the attire causes an interference with work, a disruption to the educational environment, or creates classroom or school disorder as a result of such manner of dress or grooming.

The administrator of each school will have sole responsibility for determining the appropriateness or inappropriateness of dress where a policy interpretation is required.

It should be a matter of personal pride for a student of the Pearl River County School District to maintain high standards of neatness and appropriateness of dress and appearance. Therefore, the following guidelines will be observed.


  • Sleeveless shirts are prohibited. Muscle shirts, tube tops, tank tops, razor back tops, spaghetti strap tops and fishnet tops are prohibited. Tops that expose undergarments (brassiere, bralettes, camisole, etc.) and/or shoulder blades are prohibited.

  • No clothing top shall be so low in the front as to expose any part of the breast or shall be so low in the back to expose the shoulder blades.

  • The midriff shall not be exposed while walking, standing, and/or sitting.



  • The minimum length for shorts is three inches above the knee.

  • Athletic/gym/running shorts are allowed as long as the length requirement of three inches above the knee is met. 

  • Sweatpants are allowed. 

  • Yoga, stretch, spandex, velour, fleece pants are prohibited. 

  • Holes, tears, and/or shreds above the knee that expose skin, undergarments and inappropriate areas are prohibited.

  • Loose and/or sagging pants, slacks, and shorts falling below the waist are prohibited.

  • Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants and tights worn by themselves are prohibited, however, they may be worn with appropriate length shorts, skirts, dresses.


  • The minimum length for dresses and skirts is knee length and shall also be appropriate for bending, stooping, sitting, and working overhead while at school. 



  • Shoes and/or sandals shall be worn. Shoes with cleats, skate shoes, slippers and house shoes are prohibited.


  • Hats/hoodies are not allowed to be worn anytime while on campus.

  • Religious or medical exceptions will be individually addressed.


Other Items

  • Transparent and/or sheer clothing is prohibited.

  • Excessively tight fitting clothing is prohibited.

  • Any article of clothing which contains or depicts the following is prohibited: alcohol, drugs, tobacco; profane, suggestive, and/or violent language; derogatory symbols, racial statements and sexual innuendos.

  • Any jewelry and/or items of ornamentation which depict weapons of violence or substances illegal to minors are prohibited.

  • Sunglasses will be removed from the head when entering a building.

  • Piercings of exposed body parts that cause a distraction or cause a safety concern are prohibited.

  • All fasteners and buckles designed for use with an article of clothing shall be used appropriately at all times.

  • Trench coats or other items of clothing which could be utilized to conceal dangerous items are prohibited.

  • Pajama pants or pajama clothing is prohibited.

  • School dress code must be worn to and from school on the bus.

  • No blankets are allowed on campus or on the school bus with the exception of kindergarten.